Mount Whitnow is a high country sheep and cattle station located 35km inland from the North Canterbury town of Hawarden, 560 metres above sea level. Just 2 hours drive from Christchurch, the station covers 10,800 acres of spectacular scenic country - including breathtaking mountain vistas, tussocky hillsides, native bush, dense beech forests and the headwaters of 3 rivers.

The station produces fine Merino and half-bred wool, lamb, and Angus beef, and also offers accommodation for families and groups at the Quarters, and for more adventurous travellers at the historic backcountry Musterers' Hut known as the Seldom Inn.

Visitors can take advantage of the numerous activities on offer, or simply relax in the remote tranquility and take in the picturesque surroundings.

You may need directions to get to Mount Whitnow, and please contact us for bookings or enquiries.