Mount Whitnow offers a wide range of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. Visitors can take an easy walk or bike up the Waitohi Rover or continue on up the track 13km to the Panhandle and the Little Den. Here at the headwaters of the Okuku River you will find the remains of an old hut that was home to an early runholder and his wife. Experience the solitude these early settlers endured in this magnificent scenery.

Alternatively, more adventurous travellers can walk or bike the 9km track over the ridge to the Seldom Inn, a backcountry Musterers' hut nestled amongst native bush and beech forest near the headwaters of the Seaward River. The hut can sleep up to 4 guests, and has basic cooking facilities over an open fire and running water in the sink. A true kiwi, back-to-basics, high country retreat experience.

On your return journey from the Seldom Inn, take the track through the bush to the McKay Saddle and down through Soda Gulley and back to the Quarters - a distance of about 12km.

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